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Richard Goldberg (Worldwide Specimen Shells - and the best land snails ever!), Phil Liff-Grieff, Dot Egerton.
Dot Egerton (Mom) buying Patellas from Bruno deBruin (from Hout Bay, South Africa).
Hugh Morrison and Simone Pfuetzner (Australian Seashells), and Dot Egerton.
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Chris Takahashi (Hawaiian Specimens) and me.
Festilyria duponti
(Eenie, meenie, minie, mo...decisions, decisions!)
Discussing volutes with Stephen Tan (from Indonesia).
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Mauricio Lima (folded arms).
Richard Goldberg (left table) and Gonšalo Rosa (Dealer from Portugal - corner table).
Victor and Donald Dan. Source of my bright yellow and green land snails!
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Randy Allemand
Tom Rice (Of Sea and Shore) and Jose Coltro (Femorale).
"Let's see...$6000 US is $10,000 Canadian...What's my visa limit again?"
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Overall shot: this is a lot of seashells!
Bill Cargile (foreground), Don Pisor's table (right).
"Ah, seashells!"
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Meeting Marcus Coltro (Don Pisor in center background).
Bob Lipe (The Shell Store), ?, and me - "What's the price on this one?"
Brian Hayes (Algoa Bay Specimen Shells).
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Larry Strange (Sanibel Seashells)
Pat Curry (Nature's Creation) of Redmond, Washington.
Mayet Dungog (Vic-Mar Shell Specimen Trading)
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Mark Scott (Neptune Shells) with Cypraea aurantium.
Pleurotomaria rumphii -
"I am NOT putting this back down!"
Randy Allamand, Richard Ott, Dot Egerton - "Mom, go for the Scaphellas...the Scaphellas!".
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Dot Egerton looking at some great Lake Tanganyika snails (still ignoring the Scaphellas!).
Rich Kirk, me, and Marcus Coltro.
Mount Rainier

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