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This page was created partly as a visual aid for identification of shell characteristics and partly as a tribute to the myriad shapes, patterns and colors of the shells of this fascinating group of animals.

Eventually the table of images below will show a comprehensive array of examples for each shell characteristic shown in the figures on the Morphology page, as well as many others (such as colors, patterns, and surface ornamentation), but for now I've just shown a few to show the general idea of the page.

Spiral Whorl Types

(planispiral) (conical) (evolute) (involute) (convolute) (devolute)
Planispiral Conical Evolute Involute Convolute Devolute

Outer Lip Formations

(spines) (varices) (wings) (short digitations) (simple digitations) (fronds)
Spines Varices Wing-like varices Short digitations Simple digitations Branching digitations

Textural Features

(nodules) (grooves) (beads) (pustules) (scales) (no image)
Nodules Grooves Beads Pustules Scales Granules
(spiral cords) (axial ribs) (concentric ridges) (no image) (no image) (no image)
Spiral cords
or ribs
Axial Ribs Concentric ridges Radial ridges Cancellate Reticulate

Color Patterns

(ocelli) (tents) (axial stripes) (spiral stripes)    
Ocelli Tents Axial stripes Spiral stripes    

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