Lottia parallela (Dall, 1921)

(Lottia parallela)
(Lottia parallela - Found on eelgrass - Boundary Bay, BC - 12mm)

(Lottia parallela live on eelgrass)
(Lottia parallela - live specimen crawling on eelgrass)

(Lottia parallela live with feeding marks)
(live specimen with feeding marks behind it - animal moving, so slightly distorted)


Lottia alveus (west coast), Acmaea parallela
Common Name:
Eelgrass Limpet
To 13mm
Narrow shell with light radial stripes or checkerboard pattern on a brown background. Interior is bluish with a dark apical stain. The exterior pattern shows through this thin shell.
Lives on the eelgrass (Zostera marina) blades in protected areas.
Alaska to California. Not likely to be found south of Washington, this is a scarce species even north of there.
"David Lindberg, U of Ca, Berkley has examined the DNA of the Atlantic eelgrass limpet, Lottia alveus (now extinct) and has found that the Pacific eelgrass limpet is a different species, Lottia paralella, closely associated with Lottia asmi." -Rick Harbo (personal communication, October, 2002)

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