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(At the Port Hardy Airport beach)
The author at the Port Hardy Airport beach

It all began back in 1963 on a little farm in the Canadian wilderness...just kidding. OK, here's a little information about me, Peter Egerton, Web designer and shell collector extraordinaire:

(One of my cabinets) (One of my cabinets) (One of my cabinets)
Three sections of my shell cabinets

Seashells & Zoology

I've been collecting shells since I was a child;  I was bored one summer, pestering my mother, and she said "get a hobby"...I did. Years later that little hobby has grown into a life-long obsession and a 50,000+ specimen shell collection...and it's still growing. I went on to the University of British Columbia to acquire a bachelor's degree in zoology, specializing, of course, in invertebrates, with interests in evolution, zoogeography and taxonomy. I am what is classed a "general" collector, since I collect all species of shells, but I go through my phases...volutes, cowries, cones, Distorsios, land snails, BC shells, micro shells.

Website Design

"Peter's Seashells" is just one of the numerous projects that I have worked on over the last few years, many of them as assignments working up to my Associate Certificate in Internet Technologies (British Columbia Institute of Technology, 2004). I find it wonderful to be able to create something like this and publish it on the Internet for everyone to enjoy; the Internet is truly a GREAT place! See my online portfolio at Peter Egerton Portfolio.


My other great love is photography, the art of capturing a moment on film, the search for that elusive perfect shot. I do both nature shots and people shots; both are fun, but very different.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information on shell collecting, feel free to contact me at pegerton@shaw.ca

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